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So as far as I’ve noticed, there isn’t a 15 day challenge for this particular series, and I thought I’d change that a bit. There is a 30 Day ANE challenge, but I didn’t really know about it until looking around a while back.

Anyway, I thought I’d make some kind of contribution to this fandom and 15 days is a little more manageable than 30 days. The prompts for each day are as follows (just in case you can’t read it on the image):

Day 1: Favorite Exwire
Day 2: Favorite Exorcist
Day 3: Favorite Non-Exorcist
Day 4: Top favorite OP or ED
Day 5: Favorite Meister Type
Day 6: Favorite Relationship (whether romantic or platonic)
Day 7: A relationship you would like to see more of (whether romantic or platonic)
Day 8: A character you would love to be friends with
Day 9: Favorite Arc
Day 10: Favorite Moment from a specific Arc
Day 11: Character/s you’d like to see more of
Day 12: Favorite Familiar
Day 13: Saddest Moment/A moment that you found important
Day 14: Happiest/Funny Moment
Day 15: Favorite Quote

This includes anything and everything Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist related. The anime, the movie, The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident, Salary Man Exorcist, and whatever other works Kazue Kato has done for this particular series. You can make graphics, you can write meta/written commentary, you can do fanart, etc. etc. You can even do a fanmix to reflect one of the prompts. (Although please try and avoid reposting someone else’s work because it is extremely disrespectful to the original creator).

Obviously you can start this whenever. Just thought we could spread more of the Ao no Exorcist love around. Also, please tag as either #ANE 15 Day Challenge or #AonoEx 15 Day Challenge.

Thanks and have fun with this everyone!


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Special Post - Mephisto -

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"When I was little I was a crybaby, and my brother had to help me all the time. He was always doing stuff I couldn’t. So back then I admired him a lot."

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