Knight in Training
NAME: 奥村燐
CLASS: Exwire
RACE: Half-Demon
ASPIRATION: To become Paladin
I Cannot Escape my Power

{σutσfsukiyaki: Heading off for now to watch the new Free! ES and possibly go back to sleep since my mom fucked up my sleeping this morning. Not sure when I’ll be back, but maybe it’ll be sooner than a week since I’m going to change the theme for this blog and the side blog. Also managed to update some pages and what not.

But yeah, I’ll see folks whenever}

miss-fifer replied to your post “I don’t mean to sound stupid, but Rin, what is ‘sukiyaki’ exactly?”

//Oh my god..this is just- *laughs forever*

{σutσfsukiyaki: Glad you appreciated that <3}

puppies in a laundry basket! ( x )

He’d forget to die even if he was killed!

Kazue Kato’s commentary on Lightning


A short interview translated from the back of the Blue Exorcist character book
: )

Interviews for other characters are here.

Mild spoilers from volume 12. Otherwise you should be okay if you know who Lightning is.

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Omg Ghada, just now did I see your hidden message! You drew Shima for me! I love it!


Yukio Appreciation Week

Day 3: Skill

I’d say it’s an ability to be around those 2 and make it as far as he has without snapping.


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Kazue Kato’s commentary on Angel


From the interviews in the back of the Blue Exorcist character book. Other character interviews are here.

Discusses some things from volume 10!

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